One last generation

Chicago natural

Yes, I did write “one last generation” and that is ALARMING! WE are one generation away from disaster and destruction. You thought this was all uplifting and happy but that would be me putting my head in the sand and ignoring the obvious destruction going on all around us.

Why am I so negative? Because I want to wake you up and make you see that if we don’t do anything now, we are screwed. Yup, we need to stand up and figure things out before it’s too late for us and our offspring. We have the responsibility to stand up to the system and be history makers.

Now, back to the original point. The reason I write this is not because of some nuclear war or something like armageddon that I fear. I fear that the destruction is happening from the inside out and most of us don’t see or feel it until it’s too late. The thing I am talking about is our food. We are being destroyed from the inside out by the food industry.

There are more sick people in the US than ever before and we have the best health care system. We have more food than any other nation yet there is malnutrition. How is this possible? Because our food is being poisoned by pesticides and our health care system is completely corrupt. There is hardly any money going into nutrition and figuring out how to cure diseases naturally. I believe that you can cure almost any disease with natural medicine such as herbs, essential oils and others.

God made us perfect and if we care for our body we should be able to cure it OR even prevent it from disease. The secret is to figure out how the cells in our body work and then feed it the correct nutrients so that the body can cure itself and grow stronger.

The way things are now, we are getting weaker every day because we feed our body poison and one day it will snap. That is why so many elderly people have to spend their last days surviving on countless amount of pills.

My heart aches for those who are being deceived every day thinking that medicine will help them and eating food that is literally poisoning them from the inside out but it is so slow that the poison is legal and freely sold on the market. That is twisted because it shows you how much power money has to sway government to one side or the other.

Lets start this conversation and lets do something. Start by being a conscious shopper. By local if possible and by organic and farmers market as well. That is what I do every year. I go to the farmers market and talk to local farmers to find out what they do with their plants and urge them to grow organic.

Anyways, I hope this was encouraging and don’t give up, We have a world of opportunities and we can make a difference together.

Beautiful Aurora

I went on a little trip last weekend. Simply taking some time off and going on a little road trip, not just around the city but outside the city to the state park called: Starved Rock. I was phenomenal!

As the Spring aproaches we see more and more Beauty around.  At least I do. I LOOOVE the sunshine and watching things grow again. Since it is still early we can’t see much growth but I can feel it come. Now, in regards to the city, it is a beautiful city and Aurora has not only beautiful places but also great people and great businesses.. They tend to come hand in hand. If you get the chance to come over to Chicago some time you need to check out the other cities nearby such as Aurora, IL and Naperville.

Now, if you do come to Chicago, you have to get picked up from O’Hare or Midway in a Limo because the traffic tends to be bad and this business is the best because they have AMAZING customer service and the best limos in Aurora.

If you wanna explore in Illinois, I highly recommend going to Starved Rock. It is in the middle of nowhere but it is nice, especially in the Spring and fall because it is in the forest. Beware that there is a little hiking involved but not mayor. Take some food with you and enjoy a couple hours there. I was there for 3 hours and did not get to enjoy it all. Next time I am going for at least 5 hours to hike to the furthest waterfalls.

Back to Aurora and the beauty of it. There are a couple things you should visit such as the Zoo, the Paramount theater, the Aurora Regional Fire Museum and more. Take some time to roam around and simply enjoy this phenomenal city. It has a lot to offer and if you take the time get to know people by going into local businesses and restaurants and enjoy them. Nothing says love like the way you care for people and show your genuiune interest.

Have a great day and remember to shine bright and never give up!

Until next time.

Chicago rain

Does everyone love the Chicago rain as much as me?

I hope you’re all safe as you read this. The rain, thunder and lightning that we enjoyed this afternoon came as a surprise to me.

I am one who does not read/view the forecast every day since I don’t have a TV and don’t spend my time watching the weather forecast. I prefer the idea of “going with the flow” because life is fun!

Rain is fun and if you get wet… ohh well.. It’s just water and it will dry again. The important thing to me is to remember how great this rain is for nature. Everything we see.. Obviously not manmade objects.. But nature is happy to get rain. The thunder and lightning simply revive the earth and refresh it.

I have gotten angry in the past because it would rain during the day and I was not prepared for it. What’s the point? It made the situation worse because none of us can stop the rain and by complaining we make ourselves miserable and other people too.

Now, I have decided to go with the flow, let it rain and see how I can make the situation better by finding out what I can do there and then. I believe in the greatness of humankind and I believe that there is creativity in all of us. Therefore we can use a moment like a torrential rain and figure out how to avoid it.

For example: I can walk into a shop and strike up a conversation about what I do and maybe how I can help that person with something. Life is full of surprises and networking is a must for all of us to grow, learn and mature in life.

That was my piece of advice for today. Enjoy the rain and remember: when you are handed lemons, make lemon juice (or something like that)

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The amazon forest

Now, thats a strange title… isn’t it? Not really. Why, you may ask. Well, because you and me need the amazon. We need and want it more than we realize. That is why we should do what we can to preserve it, bring attention to it and make sure it is safe.

Are you doing something to make sure the amazon is not being cut down? Why in the world would we care? We live far away from it.

Let me ask you. Do you think about your lungs all day? Do you ever.. apart from when your lungs might hurt or you can’t breath, think about them?

I know I don’t. But if somebody was damaging your lungs you would do something. You should be concerned that someone is taking away the air that you breath only because they are selfish and/or ignorant.

I don’t need you to call the president or fly down to Brazil because none of you would do that. The amazon does not need to be saved from there. At least I don’t think so.

What it does need is awareness first and foremost. We need to make people aware of the danger of cutting down the amazon forest. We need to research and inform ourselves first.

After you and I know what is happening and how bad it is for us as individuals we can start to step into contacting our official representatives. You know, the people that are supposed to represent us and our state in DC? Well, we have the right AND obligation to contact them about something that we find important. That is why we pay them with our tax dollars.

Our world is full of people who are more like robots and living organisms. Just stand for a minute on a street corner in any big city and you will see scores of people who seem more like zombies than people. We need to wake up and LIVE!

Our future, the future of our offspring depends on us taking action. If you and I want a better future, we better take action to make sure we get a better future. The amazon is like a sinking ship and unless somebody does something about saving it we are doomed.

Slowly but surely the clean air is being stolen from under our noses and hardly anyone is screaming: HEY, STOP!

Let us take action and not be passive!

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beauty in the details

This post will simply be about enjoying nature to the max! Because we tend to look at the big picture but hardly ever zoom in to see the details in life. In this case, the details I am talking about is nature and the small things within it.

Personal story:

I went for a walk this weekend and noticed that how easy it is to enjoy nature. Every day I try to observe the nature around me. I look at the grass, The trees, different shapes of canopies and majesty of trees. Then comes the best part. The flowers and plants. I LOVE plants. They are smaller, more delicate and have more intricate parts. Whenever I go on walks I have to slow down when I see a beautiful flower.

I can’t stress the beauty of flowers enough. I compare that beauty to women. Does that sound weird or out of the blue? Well, it’s true. There are women for all tastes and so with flowers. They come in different colors, different textures, different sizes. You get the picture.


When you go on a walk, just slow down to to observe flowers. Then go closer to the flower and look at it again. There is so much to see in a little flower. All the details that you miss at first. There are no words to describe all the details; you have to see ’em. IF you can smell the flower, it will fill your senses with wonder. Then go closer to it and see all the little details in it. There are so many details that you can see if you go close and see what is happening in each corner, curve and whatever else there is in a flower.

Some flowers are so minute that you can’t see the details with your naked eyes. Since flowers come in all sizes, there are small ones who have many details that deserve your eye.

So next time you see a flower, take the time to look closer.

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Nature over there

What kind of title is that? you may ask

Well, let me tell you. As I said in my “about” page, I am from South America and everything is different there. Now that I live in the midwest I can feel a little more like home than the PNW. DON’T get me wrong, I loooove the PNW but rain there is more like drizzle. It’s a lot of fun and you don’t really get wet but here in the midwest it rains buckets. It’s AWESOME! I love it. Even though I get wet and it’s uncomfortable, I still love it.

Storms here in the midwest remind me of the power of nature. When there is a tornado or just the thunder and lightning  I feel small and insignificant. That is cool! It reminds me that I am definitely not the center of the universe and there is much that is outside my control.

Now, back to “Nature over there”. What is meant with that is that nature in South America is a little different than here. The climate is sub-tropical which means that there is an abundance of humidity and storms and rain. Now, when it rains there you want to hide, get on high ground, find a boat, etc. You get the picture.

The thing I love about all this is that although it’s not fun for most of us to endure the harsh weather, nature seems to love it! Trees are huge and very green, grass grows like it’s on steroids, and overall everything is just very green.

I am hoping to be able to go down there soon to see old friends and enjoy the beautiful clean nature and AMAZING natural food again. I just saw a couple pictures of people eating fruit picked from their trees in the backyard and the fruit is HUGE!

There is nothing better than fruit picked from a tree. YOu know where it grew up, where you got it from and you know if it has any chemicals in it or not. Most people can’t say that about their food. I guess I just really miss good fruit and vegetables.

I had to write this post to give you a tiny insight into the nature of South America because I love it and miss it a lot. See you in the next post. If you like to read the other posts simply click me. OR if you wanna write me do so.

Invite the storms

Storms are GREAT!

Now why would I say that? Well, the obvious answer is because I believe that.  Storms do much more than destroy trees, houses, landscapes, etc. Most people simply look at a strom and see or think destruction. It is true, there is much destruction but that is where we stop. We don’t see beyond what we perceive to be the full reality.

What do I mean by we don’t look beyond what we percieve at first? well, for example TV news. Most (or many) of us sit down for dinner or after dinner in front of the TV and let a nes anchor tell us what happened aroind the world that day. Usually most news are bad or devastating. that works in our subconscious and we start to think that our neighbourhood, city, state and country are going down the drain.

In less words: we let subjective reality rule objective truth and reality. This is due to our fast paced/food mentality. We want to know what is going on every instant.

However, there is much more going on behind the curtain, under the surface and in history.

Back to our storms. The TV news analogy was to give you an idea of how we perceive reality. We take what is in front of us and store it in our mental folder called “reality/truth/relevant”. This is misconceived at best. There is always more going on and there is usually a bigger reality than what we see right before our very eyes.

Storms are good for nature because they soften the earth, they move things around and encourage growth. The destruction that we supposedly see is minor compared to the growth that happens beneath the surface.

All the roots that are able to go deeper and that are stimulated through the lightning and thunder and the seeds that start growing, the plants that are stimulated and the loosening of dirt that happens is simply incomparable to the few branches and trees that are lost in the process.

-Remember that everything has its price- ( a quote from the movie “my life in ruins”)

Something has to give in order for something else to become better. Someone has to pay a price for another to rise.

Its the cycle of life. Now, every time that I hear that I think of something bad. “well, thats the way it goes, just accept it and move on”. That is not what I mean. By “cycle of life” I mean that nature has a way of doing things and we should focus on the positve outcomes and not on the negative. Our view of things will change if we look at the good things that come out of it.

Life is good, nature is good. Nature does it’s things and its good. We can admire, retrieve, curse, or simply enjoy it. It’s our choice.

Choose to admire and enjoy nature and everything it gives.

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Pruning trees

I love trees! Yes, I just wrote that. The life that they give, the beauty, majesty and peace. Every day I go on runs and while I do that I do my best to observe most trees that I see. Why would I do that? Because of a couple reasons. First of all I love seeing the different forms and shapes. I admire their canopy and all the different colors. My soul becomes more peaceful as I surround myself with nature.
The second reason I observe trees is because I want to see how they were pruned (or not) or what could be pruned to make the. Look better. Many of the trees I see on the street would look phenomenal if they were only pruned a little.

That brings me to my second post:
Yesterday I wrote about minor pruning a couple branches that hang low over the sidewalk or simply branches you want to get rid of. Now what if your tree needs to fill out on one side or it is spoty?
I have been waiting to talk about that. I am sure there are people who could tell you everything that I am saying but with scientific words. Anyways, I have shied away from writing because I don’t have a masters degree in horticulture nor did I study everything I am saying in a classroom. However, I am 100% convinced that people who learned everything in a classroom know less but are more recognized by society than those who learned by reading AND practising.
Now that I had my moment of honesty I will tell you about pruning a tree to fill out bare spots. To start of you do the same things as pruning a little bit. You step back and look at the tree. Now, lets assume that somewhere in the middle on the right side you have an ugly bare spot. What you want to do is go close to the tree. Actually go into it and look for branches that are obstructive. Spots where there are two branches together, I mean 1 inch or so close to each other and they go in the same direction. What you do is choose one of them and prune it off. You do that with the whole tree, but it is not necessary to spend much time there.

Then you go to the second phase. The second phase is focusing on cutting branches that are not playing a particular role in the overarching beauty of the tree. To find those I mainly focus on the center of the tree. There are many branches that “suck the juice” without actually giving the tree beauty or adding anything but greenery to it. In fact my thought is always this: If I cut those branches, what will the tree look like in a year or 5? Will it be bigger, prettier, stronger or will it not.

Always remember, don’t get overly zealous and cut to much. You can always cut more but you can’t glue branches back on. Pruning a tree is an art and you wanna do it slowly and gently. Take your time. At the end it will feel great because you accomplished something and you create beauty that lasts.

We want to be more than simply keep nature happy, we want to create a better place for people around AND for future generations.

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Hi everybody! Welcome to my new website. I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts. I will do my best to keep blogging and sharing my life with you guys. There is nothing I love more than being outside, gardening, mowing grass, pruning trees and trimming hedges and plants. I will be writing about these topics and I hope they are of your liking.

I want to start of by saying that I have worked for quite a while at a nursery and know how to prune plants and trees. I even worked at a mature tree nursery where the biggest trees we transplanted where over 30 feet tall… in “body” the elf’s words: GINORMOUS! The funnest part about trees is pruning them and making them even more beautiful. If you know what you are doing it can be very easy but if not you could hurt the tree more than necessary.


The first thing to remember is that whenever you prune you will hurt the plant, tree or whatever you are pruning. Pruning in a sense is like cutting your hair but unlike on human hair, plants hurt when you cut something. Now that we have that off the table we can talk about pruning. Never forget though that you wanna hurt the tree/plant/shrub as little as possible.

Before you even think about cutting a branch go back. Backup as far as you have to to get a good look at the tree. You want to be able to see the whole tree, so the bigger the tree the further you have to move back. Now, behold the beauty of the tree. If you can, go around the tree and see the whole tree from different angles. After you have looked at the big picture you can think about what you wanna do with it. If there are a couple branches that are hanging low over the sidewalk and you need to take them out, then look and imagine the tree without those branches. Will the tree still look good? I will get to the details of how to prune a branch later.

Now, while you are still back looking at the whole tree and you see the form, does it look full? messy? without form? Depending on the answer to these you will have to proceed differently. Lets assume for a second that the tree looks great from far away, it has a great canopy and all it needs is a light pruning from the bottom. Your tree is close to the sidewalk and there are a couple branches hanging lower than Xft from the ground.

After you have accessed all that you can go close and work on each individual branch. ALWAYS remember to slow down, step back and see the big picture. Why? because you can always prune more branches but you can’t glue one on that was not supposed to come off.

The next thing is pruning the branch/es. How exactly do you prune a branch? Do you cut at the height that you think its safe and you will be able to pass easily underneath it again? the answer to all this is NO! So what to do. Most branches have a Y shape somewhere. Now that you are pruning branches that are close to the bottom of the canopy that Y shape will be upside down. You must identify that place for each branch you are gonna prune. Once you identified it you want to cut just after the Y. The perfect cut should be less than 1 inch from the Y and more than 1/4 of an inch from it. Why there? If you cut too close the tree can be negatively affected when it heals itself as an open could occur where insects can enter and damage the tree. The same can happen if you cut too far. That 1 inch or longer piece will die and it can rot and attract insects.

To sum it up, make sure you see the big picture before making any changes. Next, make sure to only prune as necessary and never more than 25% of the overall canopy. Identify the spot where you will cut and make sure to cut as instructed to avoid incurring in more damage than necessary.

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